Martin Schneider


Welcome to my website. My name is Martin. I'm living with my girlfriend and our little son in Bonn, Germany. Besides beeing a father I like to read, go for a walk or hike, take pictures, listen to all kinds of music and develop websites. Sometimes, I manage to combine some of those things.

Web development & work

I never thought of making a career as a webdeveloper when I startet to learn HTML in the summer of 1998. But studying informatics and never losing the fun while building sites in my free time made me confident, that I should give it a try.

In the past 20 years I've been working on a lot of sites using all kinds of technology. There have been Typo3-based websites for professors at university, JEE-database-applications with the long-forgotten WebObjects-Framework from Apple. There is an uncounted amount of PHP-basedWordPress-Themes that I have written for my personal blog over the last fifteen years.

I've also been working almost six years as a frontend developer on europes biggest recipe-website before returning to the agency-business with all it's different clients. In the last years, I've mainly developed and maintained WordPress-sites of all kinds of size and traffic.

Being a frontend developer gives you endless possibilities to think outside your box. Learning about Microservices, Docker, CI and CD, caching-strategies and server-administration was as much fun as thinking about pattern librarys, the organisation of large CSS-codebases or the semantics of my HTML-code.

When building websites, I like to focus on performance, accessibility and usability. Bringing contents to all users the fastest possible way. I'm also familiar with all the requirements, that modern SEO puts on websites.

Apart from the actual work as a developer, I've been working as teamlead and spend quite some time organizing and simplifying processes within the development-team. That includes as well the cooperation between project management, design-teams and developers. I'm a big fan of Scrum and certified as Professional Scrum Product Owner I.

Taking pictures

After starting to make a living of my biggest hobby, there was the need for a new one. Since have always been interested in documenting my life and travels and being generally interested in technical things, choosing photography as a hobby was quite obvious. After several years and two or three smaller cameras, I bought my first DSLR.

Taking pictures makes me forget the world around me. More than once, my girlfriend Anna had to wait some moments until I had gotten the right shot and packed my gear again. Getting into that kind of flow is great.


I love to read. I love to read about thrilling adventures and crime stories. Sadly, I somehow can't concentrate on technical literature that is longer than your average internet article. Reading helps me relax. Although I have to force myself from time to time to read slowly, I can dive deeply into a story and picture scenes and landscapes right in front of me.

Over the last years, I've collected a lot of books on the shelves in my living room and I'm just in the process to re-read all of them. I'm going to keep the ones I like. The rest will be donated. I am writing a short article about each book and give it a rating. These are my latest reviews from my blog.

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