Martin Schneider


The internet is giving us the ability to share ideas, knowledge and thoughts and so I'm writing articles on development-related topics from time to time. Grab the RSS-feed and stay updated!

I'm happy to receive any feedback both on my writing and the content itself. Feel free to send me a message on my twitter!

  1. Building a Blog With 11ty and WordPress

    When I decided to move to the Jamstack, I was sure that I wanted to build something with an API and since I'm quite familiar with WordPress and its API that was an easy choice. But what seemed to be an easy task has had its obstacles.
  2. A Simple Blogroll for My Website

    Back in the days almost every blog had a blogroll: A simple list of other websites that the owner likes or recommends. I've already seen some on other sites in the past weeks - maybe it's time to bring that tradition back.
  3. Testing My Eleventy-Website With Cypress and Netlify

    Last time I wrote "this page is a repository consisting of some thrown-together and latenight-written code". Some tests should ensure that I don't break to much when I'm, cleaning up the code. Here's how I created a basic setup that runs my tests before every deployment.
  4. Goodbye Sapper, hello Eleventy!

    Sometimes things change fast: Just about two months after I launched this website with the SSR-Framework Sapper I'm replacing it with a site that is generated with the static site generator Eleventy. Let me explain.
  5. Creating a Sharing Button With the Web Share API

    One of the great features of the modern internet is the ability to easily share content. I'm sharing a lot of links to content of all kind every day. Most of the time I simply copy URLs from the browser and paste them somewhere. But wouldn't it be neat to have a simpler solution?
  6. Going Dark: Switching Color Modes on My Website

    Many people prefer the so called dark mode of their operating system. My website now also comes with a dark version. It is automatically shown if you are in dark mode, but you can also toggle it by button.
  7. Adding Webmentions to My Website

    Webmention is a webstandard that enables websites to notify each other when content is mentioned, liked or linked. This is my little journey how I have implemented them into my website.
  8. Building a Website With Sapper, Svelte and WordPress

    Sapper is the application framework for Svelte. An easy way to build a server side rendered single page application. (Bingo!) WordPress is used as a backend for articles like this one. Here are some details.
  9. Welcome to My New Website

    After years and years of just having some placeholder-site on that domain that I use for emails, I decided to build a classic homepage. My own little place on the internet, that is just about me. Welcome.