Martin Schneider


The internet is giving us the ability to share ideas, knowledge and thoughts and so I'm writing articles on development-related topics from time to time. Grab the RSS-feed and stay updated!

I'm happy to receive any feedback both on my writing and the content itself. Feel free to send me a message on my twitter!

  1. A Simple Blogroll for My Website

    Back in the days almost every blog had a blogroll: A simple list of other websites that the owner likes or recommends. I've already seen some on other sites in the past weeks - maybe it's time to bring that tradition back.
  2. Testing My Eleventy-Website With Cypress and Netlify

    Last time I wrote "this page is a repository consisting of some thrown-together and latenight-written code". Some tests should ensure that I don't break to much when I'm, cleaning up the code. Here's how I created a basic setup that runs my tests before every deployment.
  3. Goodbye Sapper, hello Eleventy!

    Sometimes things change fast: Just about two months after I launched this website with the SSR-Framework Sapper I'm replacing it with a site that is generated with the static site generator Eleventy. Let me explain.
  4. Creating a Sharing Button With the Web Share API

    One of the great features of the modern internet is the ability to easily share content. I'm sharing a lot of links to content of all kind every day. Most of the time I simply copy URLs from the browser and paste them somewhere. But wouldn't it be neat to have a simpler solution?
  5. Going Dark: Switching Color Modes on My Website

    Many people prefer the so called dark mode of their operating system. My website now also comes with a dark version. It is automatically shown if you are in dark mode, but you can also toggle it by button.
  6. Adding Webmentions to My Website

    Webmention is a webstandard that enables websites to notify each other when content is mentioned, liked or linked. This is my little journey how I have implemented them into my website.
  7. Building a Website With Sapper, Svelte and WordPress

    Sapper is the application framework for Svelte. An easy way to build a server side rendered single page application. (Bingo!) WordPress is used as a backend for articles like this one. Here are some details.
  8. Welcome to My New Website

    After years and years of just having some placeholder-site on that domain that I use for emails, I decided to build a classic homepage. My own little place on the internet, that is just about me. Welcome.