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  1. Flex-grow 9999 Hack

    <blockquote>The flex-grow 9999 hack makes a flex item behave like it has two flex grow values. It prevents a flex item in a row from growing, but allows it to grow if it’s wrapped into its own line. All without the use of media queries.</blockquote>

  2. Flexbox Patterns

    <blockquote>Flexbox is awesome, but it introduces many new concepts that can make it difficult to use. These interactive examples will show you practical ways to use it to build UI components. They start out simple and get more complex near the end. You can start using these patterns in your own code right away.</blockquote>

  3. flexbox in 5 minutes

    <blockquote>an interactive tour of all the major features of the new CSS property: flexbox.</blockquote>