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After years and years of just having some placeholder-site on that domain that I use for emails, I decided to build a classic homepage. My own little place on the internet, that is just about me. Welcome.

While I was always writing articles for my personal blog der tag und ich, I've never had an idea what my personal site should contain. What would be interesting about me? Over the last weeks, I've developed some ideas and I wrote some paragraphs about me. You can read it on the homepage. I think, that the content might not be in it's final version. But neither am I.

Being the Nerd I Am

My blog is some kind of public diary. It is personal. It is about a lot of things that I do and experience. It is about travelling, which I don't do as much as I would like to. It is about photography, one of my biggest passions. But it's not very technical. It's not very much about web development. But that's a large part of my life. I make a living off building websites for more than 15 years and I know quite a bit about it. And I think a lot about all the related topics. It might be the time to share some of my thoughts. Maybe give something back to the internet?

I've always had some kind of fear of unkind feedback. There's normally not "the one way" to do something in web development. There are solutions that are better under certain circumstances. Maybe I have read too many discussions on the internet. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I Think It Is Time to Overcome That Impostor Syndrome

And I always thought that my knowledge is nothing special. "Why would not every web developer know about that trick that I know for years?" But that's wrong. You can't know everything. Almost every day, I learn something new. And so does everyone else. Like everyone else, I have my strenghts and weaknesses.

Writing in English

Maybe the biggest challenge might be that this page will be completely in english. I'm familiar with the language: I read a lot of english texts on the internet. I watch many tv-shows in their original version, though often with (also english) subtitles. I'm not that good at understanding all those accents. Don't judge me too much, it will get better.

An (Almost) Completely New Tech-Stack

To make this new homepage also a technical challenge, I've decided to use a (almost) completely new tech-stack. Over the last years, I've been building websites with WordPress and Symfony. I've been thinking a lot about ordering and managing CSS and Scripts for those pages. There have been small websites, like my personal blog and I've been working on europes largest website for recipes, with millions and millions of users every month. This page is build on the JAMstack. I'm building this website component-based with encapsulated CSS in Sapper and Svelte, a JavaScript-Framework. I'm using Visual Studio Code instead of my good friend PHPStorm. I am not building and deploying with Gitlab CI to my webserver, I'm hosting this page on Netlify. Well, I'm still using WordPress as a backend for articles like this one. But I'm open to try some headless alternatives in the future.

Let's Get This Party Started

And let's see where we'll end. This is completely new ground. I don't have to care about 1300 blogposts on that other blog. I don't care too much about older browsers. I'm willing to try and learn new things.

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