Martin Schneider


The internet is giving us the ability to share ideas, knowledge and thoughts and so I'm writing articles on development-related topics from time to time. Grab the RSS-feed and stay updated!

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  1. Tinkering with Web Components

    Today I found some free time to try out an idea that I had in mind for quite some time. I tried to refactor a part of this site to a web component. I've ended with mixed feelings.
  2. Building Charts With CSS

    These days, I'm working a lot on the WordPress theme of my blog. This weekend I made some charts for the archive page to make it a bit more visually appealing.
  3. Share what you know. Often.

    Just because I know something and consider it general knowledge does not mean that this the case for everyone. We need to share what we know more often.
  4. Going Public

    Some weeks ago I decided to make a big step forward and show more of my work to the world. I have a lot of thoughts about that. I actually might be overthinking this.
  5. Goodbye 2020! 🥂 Hello 2021!

    While I'm struggling more than ever to write the annual recap of the last year on my personal blog, I don't have that problem on this more tech-focused site. In terms of work and tech, 2020 was a demanding, but the outcome was very good.
  6. Building a Blog With 11ty and WordPress

    When I decided to move to the Jamstack, I was sure that I wanted to build something with an API and since I'm quite familiar with WordPress and its API that was an easy choice. But what seemed to be an easy task has had its obstacles.