New Year, new Eleventy

It's been a while. Happy belated new year.

Last year wasn't exactly "the year of the blog" as you might have noticed. I published just three articles on this site, and I actually did not too much web development besides my day-to-day work. That was mainly because we had the opportunity to buy a house right before last summer. I knew that it would be a lot of work to buy and move - but I definitely underestimated the amount of work that such a house comes with. Turns out: I really like to work in the garden.

Well, I actually did some web development in my free time, but never wrote about it. For example, I finished my experiments with webcomponents and even published my first package on npm! At the end of last year, I started a rather big project after I decided to move my 20-year-old german blog from good old WordPress to Kirby. Besides exploring a completely new (at least to me) content management system, I also had to write an exporting-tool that exactly fits my needs. It's almost done, I can soon switch to the new site. And I will write about it, I promise!

This morning I fired up a Github Codespace and updated to Eleventy 2.0 which went seamless. Don't tell anyone: I've been running a canary version of 2.0 for months because I fiddled around with Netlify Edge Functions in the fall and got rid of the client-side JavaScript that I used to collect the webmentions of an article before.

The site will be three years old this march. I think it's time to revamp it a bit. I have some ideas, I want to try out some things, want to connect the site more to the Feediverse and Indieweb and I have some open issues almost since day one. Eleventy will be my weapon of choice here, although I'm pretty happy with Kirby at the moment. So much more to explore everywhere!

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