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OG Images with the Eleventy Image Plugin


In the changelog I’m documenting modifications to this site that might be of interest, but are not necessarily my own ideas or work. This time it's about OG images.

When I initially build this site, I wasn't in the mood of thinking too much about an image that would pop up when someone shares my content. Who would do it, anyway? So the meta-Tag that should specify the image was left commented out. Fast-forward: A few weeks ago, I read this tweet and the following ones. Some days later I was in that position on my couch, not laying but also not sitting, that makes my back hurt for days. I'm hanging around like this a lot in the evenings, staring at the screen of my MacBook. Actually, I was in this position until some seconds and just switched while I'm writing this sentence.

Back to the topic: Using an SVG to create a unique image for social sharing purposes sounded great. The eleventy-img plugin was already installed from my previous changes to the homepage and I quickly copied the code of Michaels solution. It just took minutes to have a working implementation. It then took several hours on this and the following evening until I was happy with the actual outcome. I had to find out when to split the long titles of my posts and had to fiddle around with the positioning of the elements within the image. That was a lot of fun. I did not too much with SVGs on a code-level so there was a lot to learn.

A screenshot how my posts look when I share them in Slack.

Although I'm not finished yet: I just changed some of the colors of the site and need to put the new gradient onto that little boxes. Also, I'm not using the right font, which is IBM Plex, on the image.

You can check out my code in this function that I'm calling while processing the posts. As you might have noticed, I've recently made the repository to this website public. That's a big step for me and I'm still pretty insecure about showing my code to other people. Nevertheless: I hope my code is useful for someone else out there — just like Michaels was for me. Thank you!

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