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Share what you know. Often.


Just because I know something and consider it general knowledge does not mean that this the case for everyone. We need to share what we know more often.

Last week, I was reminded of how hard it is these days to know the countless little details in frontend development. Josh shared a nice little hint on twitter: If you set the font-size of an input element to 16px or more, iOS Safari won't zoom your forms while typing something. I've known this for years, but I wasn't too surprised that this little trick got shared a lot and made it even into the newsletter of CSS-Tricks. A place where I learn something new every week.

So this is a periodic reminder to myself: No one can know every detail in frontend development. And that's why nobody should hesitate to share knowledge — even if it's some "basic thing that I've always known". Share knowledge repeatedly, share it more often. Tweet about the things that you know, write blog posts if you need more characters or make a dance on TikTok. Also share what others know and tell.

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