Tinkering with Web Components – Part 2

In part two of my little web components experiment I'm solving the problems from part one and release a package at npm.

About a year and a half ago, I spent some time tinkering with web components. I wasn't too happy about the outcome of my research at this point; both ways of styling the component weren't good enough, in my opinion. So I wrote the article and tweeted about my dilemma.

Let's remember that these were the solutions that I came up with:

  • I have an implementation of my web component that needs a lot of styling information. Check it out: Native Sharing Web Component . I don't feel too good with the idea to put the whole styling into a data attribute on the DOM.
  • And then there's the easier to style solution Native Sharing Web Component with is-Attribute and Polyfill . That's the one that only works in the targeted browser when an additional 2 kB of JavaScript is applied which is in this particular case way too much.

Luckily, Mario somehow got aware of my first post and provided two solutions to my problem. One of them was:

You could try to use LightDOM instead of ShadowDOM

So I got back to Codepen and wrote a third implementation. This time, my component is rendering the button as a child of its own tag right in the DOM of the webpage. This way, I can use the CSS provided by the page to style the sharing button. You can check out the code for my Native Sharing Web Component on Codepen.

I was so happy with that solution that I went even further and created my first package on npm that day. Feel free to use the msme-sharing-button on your own page. If you're using Safari, you can see the button under each article..

In conclusion, I think that web components are a pretty neat way to extend HTML elements and the functionality of a website. I like the idea of creating elements with APIs and functions that are provided by the browser itself. But it's also a bit of a challenge to rewire my thinking. We will see what I come up with next.

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